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‘How to Inspire a Man’s Deepest Love, Passion & Commitment.

…AND Re-Awaken SELF-Love, Fire up Your Passion for Life & Be the ‘Real’ You!!!’

Couple with relationship problems - Two stylish lovers having couple problemsAre you fed up with ‘settling’? …just want a really ‘good’ man?

Struggling to keep the passion alive in your relationship?

Do you find yourself repeating self-sabotaging patterns?

Want to know the secret to capturing a man’s attention, heart & commitment?


Whether you’re single, dating or in a relationship, each chapter in this e-workbook will help you to re-awaken & reclaim your unique feminine gifts:

  • Chapter 1. Your Pleasure
  • Chapter 2. Your Deep Feeling and Sensitivity
  • Chapter 3. Your Trust
  • Chapter 4. Your Fullness (NOT Your ‘Neediness’!)
  • Chapter 5. The Many Flavors of Woman You are!
  • Chapter 6. Being In The ‘Present Moment.’
  • Chapter 7. Your Deep Love (Through Your Feminine Body)

+ Each chapter contains Self-Coaching Questions, Practical Exercises & Meditations specifically designed for women.

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