Incompletion Draining YOUR feminine energy? - Lisa Page

Is ‘Incompletion’ draining YOUR feminine energy?

There are many incompletion draining your energy as a woman but once you’re aware of this one, you will notice a HUGE shift your energy which will free you up to enjoy your life and intimacy so much more.

So, like I said – There are many incompletion draining your energy as a woman. Fear is a big one. So is worry about the future or regret about the past. Spending too much time in ‘doing’ mode and not giving yourself time to relax and feel pleasure. Over analyzing or over thinking things. The endless striving for perfection! Holding onto old history..old emotions, old relationships.

..the list goes on!

But one of the biggest ‘energy suckers’ is incompletion!


Sometimes it’s a very obvious ‘incompletion’ and other times it can be more subtle. But don’t be fooled. The more subtle the ‘incompletion’ is, the more damaging it can be to your relationship, your happiness, your success, your sense of fulfillment and even your health and well-being.


  • Can make you feel tired, drained, anxious, even exhausted without you realizing why.
  • May cause you to over-react in your relationships because of emotions and frustrations you have held on to. This creates distance between you and those you love.
  • Can stop you from getting the clarity and “Aha” moments you need to move forward….. Either to the next project, next phase in your life or the next relationship.
  • Often makes you feel bad about yourself because you know you ‘should’ have said or done something you didn’t.
  • Diminishes your self esteem.

So what leaves women feeling that sense of incompletion?

  • Moments where you don’t fully express how you really feel.
  • Unresolved conflict in your relationship.
  • No real completion at the end of a relationship.
  • Unfinished projects or tasks.
  • Not acting on your intuition.
  • Not fulfilling promises you make. name just a few.

Even that cupboard that you promise yourself every day that you’re going to tidy up and you don’t… that incompletion draining you. It takes up your mental bandwidth, it makes you feel bad about yourself for not doing it and it just sits there in your memory as an addition to the huge “To-Do” list you already have!

So what’s the easiest way to get completion without feeling like you’re just adding to your ‘To-Do’ list? There are 3 Steps.

STEP 1: Take stock!


Ask yourself these questions.

‘In my relationship…..

  1. What do I need to say to someone that I haven’t said?’
  2. Who do I need to forgive? (this includes yourself)’
  3. Who do I need to thank or express my love to? (this also includes yourself!)

‘In my life…

  1. What tasks or projects do I need to finish, delegate or let go of?’
  2. What rooms, areas or cupboards do I need to clear out or tidy up?’

Once you become aware of what is currently incomplete in your life you can then choose what to do about it and when.

STEP 2: Choose 1 To Get the Ball Rolling


Take a look at your list and ask yourself ‘Out of all of these things what’s incompletion draining me the most?’ Choose that on to tackle first to get the ball rolling.

STEP 3: Get’s that easy!


Ask yourself ‘What’s the quickest, easiest way I can ‘feel’ completion on this?’

Decide and do that. Then once you have completed that, you can go through this 3 Step Process again to get completion on the next thing and then next..and so on.

Remember, it’s not just about the project or task actually being completed, it’s about you FEELING a sense of completion on it.

For tasks or projects I recommend you set a target date and either a) find a way to complete it yourself b) delegate it or c) let it go!

If it’s unexpressed emotion from the past then find a way to let it go of those emotions either with a coach or a therapist of some sort, by talking it out with a trusted friend or doing it yourself using a ritual or other modality such as journaling.

In my mentoring programs, I take my clients through a whole coaching process to find out what’s incompletion draining you personally, including the ‘incompletions’. You’d be amazed at how much energy, vitality, clarity, joy, radiance and love you can free from within just by getting completion!

This is are really powerful way to GET CLARITY, GET CLOSURE AND RE-GAIN YOUR PERSONALLY POWER as you move forward in your life to really create the depth of love, connection, passion and fulfillment you really want in your life an intimacy.

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