The Key to Inner Calm, Vibrant Energy, Exquisite Pleasure and So Much More!

The Key to Inner Calm, Vibrant Energy, Exquisite Pleasure and So Much More!

Often, my clients are often amazed at how powerful a simple breathing technique can be to totally change their state…from stressed to calm, from scattered to focused, from painfully needy to lovingly open, from numb to exquisite pleasure!

Having been a yoga practitioner for more than 12 years now I can honestly say that the more I explore the breath, the more I am in awe its power, and just how easy it is to take for granted!

Breathing is something we tend to do unconsciously for the most part. We each have habitual ways of breathing and once you become conscious of how you breathe you can begin to change it for much better results.

When you breathe conciously you can…

  • Change your state instantly!
  • Let go of stress and create deep inner calm.
  • Fill yourself with vibrant, dynamic energy.
  • Connect more deeply with the person in front of you.
  • Clear the cobwebs of your mind.
  • Become present to the moment.
  • Get yourself out of your head and into your body.
  • Open your body, your heart, your soul for deeper pleasure and deeper loving in intimacy.

…and so much more.

So just for today..notice how you breathe.


Is it shallow, deep or somewhere in between? Is it fast or slow?

How does it change when you are by yourself or with others? ..when you are calm or stressed?

Just notice! And today take the time to breathe just a little bit slower, a little bit deeper and see what happens!



If you tend to be a shallow breather place your hand on your lower belly to bring your awareness lower and your breath will follow for a much deeper, more satisfying breath.

When you breathe deep and full it brings you back to the fullness of who you are at your core, as a deep soul, beautiful woman and  radiant feminine essence.

So breathe!


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