Let Go of Your Inner Critic And Judging Another Woman Lisa Page

Let Go of Your Inner Critic And Embrace Your Inner Bitch (and any other part of yourself that you’ve been hiding, rejecting, judging!)

Have you noticed yourself judging another woman lately?

..Perhaps you’ve said silently to yourself, (or outloud) “Argh! She’s so bossy/boring/silly/outrageous/$lu##y/mutton dressed up as lamb!

Here’s a quick tip.

Whenever you find yourself judging another woman, take a moment to self reflect.

What you judge in another women is simply a trait that you have not yet recognized exist within you too. It’s a part of you that you have been taught to be ashamed of or feel bad about.

And it’s a part of you that you have not yet fully embraced.

When you do embrace that part of yourself, you not only free yourself from the time wasting, self defeating and  exhausting job of judging and criticizing other women!

You also free yourself from judging yourself and the fear of being judged or criticized by others about that trait.

AKA: If you judge other women for being slutty, bossy or anything else, then you don’t like the part of YOURSELF that is slutty, bossy and so on!

There are a couple of ways to free yourself of this:

Exercise 1:
You could get a piece of paper and following Dr. John Demartini’s style of coaching you could write down the benefits and drawbacks of that trait. Keep writing a benefit, then a drawback, a benefit, then a drawback..until you come to place of neutrality about that trait in you or another person. (This really works – I use it a lot!)

Exercise 2:
Or you could get together with a group of TRUSTED women friends and dress up as slutty/boring/silly/ outrageous/mutton dressed up as lamb …whatever it is you are repulsed by or have been judging another women.

Put on some music and dance around with your women friends AS that trait! Fully embody that trait. Let your women friends love you and celebrate you as you fully embody this part of yourself. Let YOU enjoy you as you express this part of yourself!
(You can even do this by yourself if you want, but it’s good to do it with women friends if you can, so you can be seen, known and loved as you express this part of yourself that you had previously rejected.)

Exercise 3:
The other way to do it is, if you have a TOTALLY TRUSTING relationship a really really good man – Is to say to your man, “Tonight I’m going to embrace my inner slut/bossy bitch.” (whatever the trait is). Dress up and fully embody that trait whilst you make love!

WARNING – the trick is – to keep your heart OPEN. And to have the intention of opening his heart through the full embodiment of this trait! This might sound scary or even ridiculous but there is something very powerful about opening as love through intimacy as you fully express a part of yourself you had previously rejected, felt ashamed of etc.

If you want to explore this way but need some guidance contact me and we can chat.

..As always – We are all adults here so only do what you know is safe for you and if you’re unsure then seek professional advice! (Gotta say this in today’s world!)

It’s time to let go of bitchiness, judgement and fully love, embrace and express ALL of who you are!

Much love,

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