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Why Masculine and Feminine Energy is the Key to Deeper Passion, Connection, Fulfilment and Even Success for Women!

It sounds like a big call, but the truth is that masculine and feminine energies have the power to totally transform the depth of passion and connection in your intimate relationship, as well as your sense of well-being as a woman and even your success in life.

There are many layers to the understanding of masculine and feminine energies. Where I always start with my clients is explaining what masculine and feminine energies are, so you can begin to recognise them in yourself and how they’re currently playing out in your relationships, or how they played out in your past relationships, or in your work and in your life.

So what are masculine and feminine energies?


Masculine and feminine energies are universal energies that exist within and around you. For today let’s just look at masculine and feminine energies within you.

The masculine part of you is the part that is purposeful, directional, focused. Your masculine loves getting stuff done, loves to achieve the purpose you intend and feels good, in fact, feels free when things are ticked off the list.

Now, as a side note, feeling free is especially important to the masculine and we’ll talk more about that later because when you understand how that plays out in your relationship, you’ll understand men so much more. And you’ll get what deeply inspires a man to commit to you in a long lasting, deeply passionate relationship that satisfies you both.

The feminine part of you is all about feeling, flowing, loving, connecting and creating! It’s about energy, movement, life force. Just as freedom is what inspires the masculine, love is what most deeply inspires the feminine.

So, as a woman, you know you’re in your masculine when you’re on task. You’re in ‘doing’ mode, acting with purpose and direction, or giving someone else direction, to achieve an outcome. The moment you feel great when you tick something off your to-do list…It’s your masculine that’s feeling satisfied. Why? Because it is now ‘free’ of that thing!

You know you’re in your feminine, when you’re in flow, when you’re in ‘being’ mode rather than  ‘doing’ mode. When you’re in your feminine, it’s not the outcome that’s important to you in that moment, it’s about connecting with a person, or a place or thing. It’s about the experience rather than the outcome. It’s about flowing, creating and loving.

So one easy way to recognise if you’re e in your masculine or feminine is if you’re in your body or your head! If you’re in your head, you’re in your masculine. If you’re in your body, you’re in your feminine.

So if, for example, if you’re dancing to the rhythm of music with no outcome in mind, you’re just ‘feeling’ the music and allowing your body to move and sway, or bump and grind, as an expression of the music..then you’re in your feminine.

So with this new awareness you can begin to more easily flow from one to the other, depending on where you are and who you’re with and what it is you most desire to create in that moment.


For example, when you’re at work you might need to be more in your masculine to achieve results, get work done. But what most highly successful women find is that they spend so much time in their masculine during the day, they find it incredibly difficult to relax into their feminine at the end of the working day. This in turn stops them from relaxing fully with their partner in intimacy and from giving all that they really want to share in lovemaking and intimacy as a deliciously sensual, fully expressive, deeply loving woman.

Like all things it comes back to having conscious awareness of what you are giving in each moment. This is not about rejecting your masculine just because you see how it’s affecting your relationships or sense of fulfillment. This is about fully embracing all of who you are as a totally unique, authentically powerful, smart, sexy, deeply sensual, loving woman.

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