Ep 48: How to Feel Intense Emotions and Stay Open as Love

In this 5 minute video, Lisa teaches how to feel intense emotions as a portal to deeper love and truth instead of shutting down or spiralling into shame and blame.  

In this video:

  • What causes you to shut down or lash out when you feel an intense emotion.
  • Feeling intensity without closing your heart or contracting your body.
  • What it means to cultivate a strong ‘emotional spine’.
  • Using intense feelings to access deeper discernment in life and relationship.
  • Are you angry with your partner or do you feel hurt? 
  • How to discern more deeply ‘What’s really going on here…?’
  • Feeling deeper than the drama.
  • The emotional stagnancy caused by suppressing how you feel, and a way to free yourself so that it no longer taints your current-day experience of life and relationship.
  • The practice and art of feeling it all and staying wide open as Love.

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