Ep 50: Is that your Kali wrath? …Or a volcanic eruption of past hurt?

In this live recorded ‘Studio Session’, Lisa shares the difference between deep feminine feeling that arises in the moment, and residual emotion from the past. She also lovingly challenges the notion that when women on the feminine embodiment path say “...I’m embodying my Kali!”, what they might be doing, in truth, is unleashing a volcanic eruption of past hurt.

In this video:

  • Often women have emotional residue stored in their bodies and hearts due to years of accumulated, unexpressed feelings. This can create heart armoury or volcanic emotional eruptions that are confusing to their intimate partner.
  • True feminine feeling is flowing and ever-changing in response to what’s here now, whereas emotion from past hurt tends to loop in a pattern of repetition, and has very little to do with what’s happening in the moment.
  • Learning how to express your feelings as an invitation, rather than as an accusation, is an essential feminine practice. 
  • It’s important to do your own personal work and therapy, separate from your partner, to heal your trauma and past so that when you come together you can do so with open hearts, relaxed bodies, and the capacity to be with each other fully.
  • Don’t keep punishing your partner for what he/she did yesterday...It’s just not fair!

A Note From Lisa:

Much of what I have learned about sacred sex and intimacy has come from my study and work with best selling author and world renowned spiritual teacher, David Deida. What I share in this video is no exception. I am profoundly grateful for the impact David has had on my life, my relationship, and on the work I do with women and couples from around the world.

I highly recommend David’s books and audio for further learning, including, but not limited to, ‘Dear Lover’, ‘Blue Truth’, ‘Way of the Superior Man’, ‘Intimate Communion’, and others. I also suggest you explore the audio album I created with David called ‘Love, Devotion, and Flowery Combat’.

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