Life Passing You By That You Truly Desire - Lisa Page

Ever feel like life is passing you by?


​Do you ever get the feeling that the life (or the sex and intimacy) that you truly desire is passing you by?

If yes, this is for you.​

With all my Love,


I’ll see you there


Do you ever get the feeling
that life is passing you by?

If you do.

Then it probably is.

Imagine yourself right now
standing on a river bank.

The water is streaming by.
You watch it.

You have thoughts.
Lots of thoughts.

And you have feelings
about your thoughts.

Wow, it’s so beautiful!

Hmmmm, I wonder where the river goes?

Man, I’d love to go for a swim right now.

Actually, I’d love to go for a skinny dip right now!

Oh, I’d soooo love to go for a skinny dip right now.
(really excited)

… But
(disappointed already)

I’d better not.
(still disappointed)

Someone might see me all naked.
(a little worried)

And it looks cold anyway.
(safe + self-justified)

Though….I could go in my clothes…?


…I wish I’d brought my bathers.

Anyway, the current is pretty fast.
(anxious – more so about NOT diving in, than diving in)

…And it might be dangerous.
(self-justified + self-loathing because you just can’t bring yourself to dive in)


Oh well….

And on
and on
and on
it goes…

In the meantime,
the river
to flow,

While you
spend your day.
Your days.
to dive in,
but trapped
on the river bank.
Restrained by your own thoughts and fears.

in the feeling
that Life is passing you by.

And it is.

And it will.
Over and over again,
You choose,
to dive in.

Will you?

I hope so.
I really hope so.

And if you do.
I’ll see you there!

© Lisa Page

19 October 2016

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