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About Lisa Page


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About Lisa Page

Lisa Page is an international speaker, author, poet & mentor. Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes of Women Who Run with the Wolves and David Deida of Dear Lover.

Lisa Page is an international speaker, author, poet and mentor who has been passionately exploring the deeper truths of life, Love and intimacy for more than twenty years. For over fifteen years she’s shared what she’s discovered along the way through her workshops, writing, podcast and 1:1 client work.

Her clients come from all walks of life and from all over the world. Leaders, artists, doctors, Boeing engineers, healers, refugees, activists, CEO’s, stay at home Mums and entrepreneurs.

Lisa Page professional work and personal exploration have taken her from the sunny shores of Australia, to ceremonies with shamans in the Borneo jungle. Serving the rich, famous and eccentric in Beverly Hills. Creating stress management programmes for corporate CEO’s. Yoga, meditation and spiritual deep-dives in an urban UK ashram. Working with angry young boys in high-risk schools. To exploring sacred sexuality in the spiritual centres of New York.

If all this has taught her one thing, it’s this. That insights alone are not enough. If you really want to make a change. One that’s real and lasting, in your life, relationship or in the world, you’ve got to increase your capacity to embody your every day insights and your most profound awakenings.

This is the missing link for most people. And this is where Lisa Page comes in.

Lisa Page is the author of programmes such as ‘Life, Love & Intimacy’, ‘Breathe Baby Breathe’ and ‘Sacred Shadow Work for the Feminine’.
She is also the creator of a video series in production called ‘Intimate Conversations with Great Mystics, Wise Teachers & Everyday Lovers’™.

Lisa’s poetry was published in 2016 in  Diamond Cutters – Visionary Poets in America, Britain and Oceania’, edited and introduced by world renowned mystic, and best selling author, Andrew Harvey and Jay Ramsay.

Lisa Page is an international speaker, author, poet & mentor. Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes of Women Who Run with the Wolves and David Deida of Dear Lover.

She is also a contributing author in Picture Them Naked – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Presenting and Public Speaking and Were Afraid to Ask’published in 2014 where she shares her knowledge for aspiring speakers.

Lisa Page is an international speaker, author, poet & mentor. Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes of Women Who Run with the Wolves and David Deida of Dear Lover.

As a speaker and teacher, Lisa Page has inspired live audiences in Australia, NZ, Asia, USA, UK and Europe and has also appeared as a guest speaker on numerous radio, magazine and online platforms.

As a speaker and mentor, Lisa Page is well known for ‘going deep fast’. She is described as “…all heart, deeply insightful, say-it-like-it-is..” putting clients and audiences at ease instantly. Clients always say they feel comfortable telling Lisa anything! And they do.

She has a 4 year diploma as a yoga and meditation teacher, with an emphasis on de-traumatisation. Masters in neurological re-patterning, Ericksonian hypnosis and performance coaching. She has done additional psychology training with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes (Jungian Analyst & Best Selling Author of ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’). She has trained extensively in the art of sacred intimacy, and in that has been profoundly influenced by best-selling author and internationally acclaimed teacher, David Deida.

Along the way she also created EmbodySHE™, a unique body of transformational women’s practice that guides women to relax their body into ecstatic openness, open their heart to deeper Love and find authentic ways to express the Juice and Truth of who they are, in and out of the bedroom.

Want to know more…?

Lisa Page knows only too well what it is to create fabulous success and also overcome deep personal challenges in life, love and intimacy. As a young woman she worked internationally, training teams in 5 star hotels and country clubs. She was very successful by most people’s standards. Traveling the world and earning great money.

Then one day, she found herself reading Cosmo (as you do) and she noticed an article detailing how much women were earning those days. She was shocked to find out that she was in the top 20% of female earners in Australia at the time.

She wondered how that had happened.

She had never tried to get a ‘high paying’ job. She had simply followed her parents’ advice – Do what you love. Care about people. Give your all. Clearly they were on to something. After traveling the world, Lisa Page co-created a multi-award winning fine dining restaurant in South Australia by following the same advice.

Then when her son was born, things came crashing down. Her marriage fell apart in an unexpected and most traumatic way. She continued to run the restaurant by herself for another two years, then ditched it all to dive deep into yoga, meditation and the age old question, “Who am I really?

Never one to do things by halves, Lisa Page eventually decided to live in an ashram (a yogic spiritual community) for three years, where she deepened her yoga and spiritual practice. There she found ‘home’ within herself.

She explored ecstatic states of awareness. Realised just how devotional her heart really was. And discovered a deep inner knowing that would guide her way for years to come as she, like all of us, navigated the complex world of life, love, loss and transformation.

But all good things must come to an end, and while ashram life was nourishing in so many ways, after a while, there was a nagging feeling that there was more to life than sitting on a yoga mat feeling peaceful.

It was time to ‘get off the mat’ and get back out into the world where she could make a real difference!

At the same time, she discovered the work of David Deida, best selling author of ‘Dear Lover’. Reading this book was a total tear jerking wake-up call for Lisa Page. She realised that she not only wanted to ‘get off the yoga mat’, but also that celibacy was NOT for her, and she wanted to get into bed!

‘Dear Lover’ had awakened a deep yearning to live what she has discovered in her years of yoga, meditation and spiritual enquiry in a deep, juicy and Soul satisfying sexually intimate relationship with someone she loved and who loved her.

So she immersed herself in the art of sacred intimacy and feminine embodiment.

It is the work of David Deida that has most profoundly influenced Lisa’s work in the realms of sacred intimacy. Since first reading ‘Dear Lover’, Lisa Page has completed 16+ trainings with David Deida, as a way to deepen her own personal sexual-spiritual practice – First as a participant, then as an assistant and then at the most recent of Deida’s Co-Ed Intensives in 2017, leading the women’s morning sessions.

This work combined with her Diploma of Dru Yoga therapies, her Masters in Neurological Repatterning and other psychology modalities, including psychology training with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes (World renowned Jungian Analyst and Best Selling Author of ‘Women Who Run with the Wolves’) catalysed her to explore deeply the nature of the feminine psyche, the landscape of the orgasmic body, the power of whole-bodied intimacy and the Truth about Love (capital L) and Freedom (capital F) in intimate relationship.

Lisa Page is committed to living what she teaches, and in 2008 she met and fell in love with a man who was just as committed to this work as she was. They’ve been Lovers and life partners ever since. Today, Lisa and Mo continue to explore, embody and evolve these Truths, in their life, their work with couples and in their own sexual intimacy together.

Lisa Page lives happily on the beach in South Australia with Mo and her teenage son. But as a self confessed WanderLuster, still finds any excuse to travel the world for work, pleasure and exploration.