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Couples Coaching

Discover How to Transform Your Relationship and Unleash
the Depth of Passion, Love, Sex and Intimacy You Truly Desire.

Conflict? Blame? Stress? Still stuck in the past and arguing about it? This creates an unhealthy downward spiral with increasing loss of trust, emotional connection and intimacy. Get help today so you can let go of these destructive, painful patterns and reconnect now before it’s too late…

Learn how to create heartfelt connection, real love and deep intimacy. Understand the dynamics of masculine and feminine in your relationship so you can lovingly meet each others needs and create the relationship you truly desire, and have always secretly wanted.

Tap into 'source' of lasting, loving passion, irresistible attraction and magnetic sexual energy between you. Awaken your capacity for OMG ecstatic sex and soul-f^@%. Find new and exciting ways to explore the edges of your sexual play in a way that brings you closer together.

Hi, we're Mo Latin and Lisa Page – We're a real world couple with more than 25 years of combined training and experience as certified, experienced relationship, sex and intimacy coaches and facilitators. We've been practising, teaching and evolving this work throughout that time, and helped couples worldwide to successfully overcome their individual and relationship challenges and transform their relationship into what they most deeply desire - One that sustains them to create amazing, inspiring, passionate partnerships and lives together.

We can help you do this too.

We know what it's like to go through hard times. We've been there. We also know how to use those times to deepen your relationship rather than fold under the pressure and break up. We've invested the time and money in our own personal and relationship work (over six figures), as well as our professional development over the last 15+ years, and we constantly live what we teach.

Watch this short video where Lisa and Mo speak with world renowned author, mystic and teacher, Andrew Harvey about conscious relationship, sacred intimacy and passionate, wild free Loving. (capital L)