In my more than twenty years of working with women and couples
from around the world, what I’ve come to know is that
having an intuition or realisation is inspiring, but until you know how
to embody that new insight, nothing much changes in your everyday life.

That’s why my deepest passion, my professional skill, and some say, my deepest gift, is to help you shift from awakening to embodiment so that your life and love-making can truly be a full expression of your deepest heart.

One-on-One Embodied Coaching with Lisa Page is a profound journey into your innate truth, wisdom, and power as a woman. It is unlike any other private coaching programme, and provides a deep and safe container to explore, awaken, and embody, who you most yearn to be in life and intimacy.

Lisa’s work is deeply informed by her professional training, her personal practice, and the thousands of people she has worked with over the years.

As a sacred intimacy teacher Lisa has been profoundly influenced by her work with David Deida since 2008, while the somatic and psychological aspect of her work comes from a 4 year diploma in yoga therapy, masters in neurological re-patterning, hypnosis and performance coaching. Lisa has also trained with iconic Jungian analyst, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes since 2008, and in the energetics of the spiritual-sexual body with Master Mantak Chia since 2018.

In your work with Lisa you will:

  • Do the deep inner work required to embody that which your true heart intuits.
  • Discover the deeper dynamics of masculine and feminine energy in sacred intimacy.
  • Know how to create fierce boundaries and ecstatic surrender.
  • Deepen connection and irresistible erotic attraction in long-term intimacy.
  • Cultivate unwavering self-trust in life, leadership, and love.
  • Deepen your capacity to give your unique gifts to the world without burning out.
  • Learn how to open your heart so you can Love, and be loved, fearlessly.
  • Shift from thinking about it, to embodying it!
  • Awaken the gifts of your devoted feminine heart as sacred sexual artistry.
  • Create a life and intimacy that you love, and that feels like an expression of your deepest heart.
  • ...and more.

One-on-One Embodiment Coaching Programmes
are 3, 6, or 12 months in duration.

Your programme is immersive in nature and is specifically designed to give you the support, guidance, embodiment practices, and loving accountability you need to liberate old patterns from your body and mind, and step powerfully into the juice and truth of who you are.

You will do deep body-heart-soul work in your private sessions which are held fortnightly. You'll receive personalized practices to go on with and in between these sessions you have unlimited email support and 20-min lazer sessions with Lisa. This is why Lisa only takes limited clients at a time.

This also means you can get answers to your questions as they arise, and practice refinements as needed, to fully integrate your realizations into your everyday life and relationship. This is what creates real and lasting change.

Private Coaching is by application only and investment ranges from $12,000 to $120,000. Your programme includes EmbodyShe membership for the duration.

*US dollars and includes GST for Australian residents

Alongside Private Coaching Programmes, Lisa also creates bespoke Immersive Embodiment Coaching Experiences for women and couples.

You can also work with Lisa through her private group programme, EmbodyShe.

Program for Feminine Leaders:

After many years as a leader in this field, Lisa has also created a special private mentoring program reserved for women who are leaders in the feminine arts, yoga, spirituality, sexuality, tantra, women's circle, and embodiment space.