Lisa Page Intimate Conversations

Intimate Conversations with Great Mystics, Wise Teachers & Every Day Lovers

in·ti·mate /ˈin(t)əmət/

Intimate: Relating to, or indicative of, one’s deepest nature’.

…And that’s what ‘Intimate Conversations with Great Mystics, Wise Teachers and Everyday Lovers’ is all about.

Together we wade out, beyond the shallow waters of what I call ‘café chat, and we dive into the real. The gritty. The sublime. The honest and intimate places of Life. That place where our Souls lay bare and we are naked in our humanness.

My guests share stories that they’ve never shared before. Truths they live by. And what turns them on at the deepest level.

So get ready to dive in with us as we share in radical Truths, wild stories and profound teachings about life, love and intimacy.


Click here to watch the first conversation in the series. Lisa is joined by world renowned Author, Mystic, Teacher and best selling author Andrew Harvey. Together they dive deep into intimate conversation about the the power of a dark night of the Soul, embodying your deepest truth, indigenous wisdom, Fake Gurus, near death experiences, Ayahuasca, Love in action and real shadow work.

The story of Intimate conversations…

One day I was walking along the beach where I live, and out of nowhere, as clear as a bell, a voice within said…

“Lisa, you’ve got to have intimate conversations with great mystics, wise teachers and every day lovers.”“Ummm, OK” I thought, as I looked up. (…Cliché I know to look up when hearing the ‘voice from above’)

Anyway, I looked up and responded. “…. A little more information please?”

And then the download began.

At which point I wished I’d brought my pen and paper with me to the beach, to write it all down. Including a list of people to have an Intimate Conversation with. Most of whom, mind you, I’d never met.

From there, a perfectly timed, there’s-no-way-I-could-have-scripted-this series of conversations and events unfolded that were totally unrelated to this project, but of course, lead to it’s creation.

And before I knew what was happening, I was having my first Intimate Conversation with the very man who had been at the top of that list! World renowned Mystic, Rumi Scholar, Teacher and Best Selling Author, Andrew Harvey.

I released that first Intimate Conversation back in 2014. Then there was an unexpected pause in production due to some unexpected emergency hospital adventures which required nearly a year of recovery.

Now I’m back and we’re in the process of filming more Intimate Conversations for you.

I remember Andrew, after we filmed that first conversation and I had shared how essential these conversations felt to my Soul, and to the Soul of humanity, saying to me…

‘…And let me tell you Lisa, they (Great Mystics, Wise Teachers & Every Day Lovers) are dying to have intimate conversations with you too, because, so often as teachers, we don’t get to exchange heart to heart. People ask us questions but there’s not this tender intimacy which is really where everything gets communicated.’

He hit the nail on the head.

Those moments of intimacy. Whether you’re with a Lover or a friend, a pet or a sunset, those are the moments where everything gets communicated. Nothing unsaid. Nothing ungiven.

Intimacy requires all of you.

In the coming months we have some phenomenal Mystics, Teachers and Lovers joining me in this video series so be sure to register below to receive each new conversation as it’s released.

May they touch and serve you and the world in a most beautiful, powerful and intimate way.

All my love,



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