Masculine Feminine Myth Lisa Page : Woman’s Greater Success Passion

Ep 27: The Masculine Feminine Myth: The Soulful Woman’s Way to Greater Success, Deeper Passion and True Fulfilment

There’s a LOT of information out there now about masculine and feminine energy. The masculine feminine myth...

In this Show I bust some myths about how it really affects your level of success, your depth of fulfilment and your capacity to create deep passionate loving in your intimate relationship.

In this Show we explored:

  • The BIGGEST Myth out there about masculine and feminine energy so that you can avoid the trap                 women get themselves into.
  • How to fully embody your masculine and feminine so you can achieve your goals, create the success           you want AND still enjoy the flow of deep love and passion in intimacy.
  • The key to easily flow between your masculine and feminine energy so you can be focused and                     powerfully effective at work, and still be able to relax easily at the end of the day for deeper passion              and connection with the man you love. (This is ESSENTIAL so you don’t kill a moment of passion, or                          sabotage  your success at work!)
  • This call includes powerful and practical teachings, and live answers to listeners' questions.


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