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Quickest Way to Deepen a Moment of Sexual Intimacy


Have you ever been in a moment of sexual loving and thought to yourself “Is this it?”

One of my clients from New Zealand said to me recently:

“How do I deepen my experience of sexual intimacy. My husband is a good man, and our sex is great, but I want more! I know there’s more, and I want it! I want that depth!”

If you’ve ever felt like this, then read on for this super simple, but oh so powerful way to deepen a moment of your sexual intimacy.

Here’s the thing…

Even if you’re with a really good man, who’s great in bed, and gives you his deep loving presence, there’s still a part of you, your deep feminine heart, that will always yearn for more.

Good news is, that’s normal!

That’s why women often feel like something is missing, even when things are good (let alone when they’re not!) …because they know intuitively there’s more.

The thing is, rather than trying to ‘get’ more. The answer lies in YOU…BEING OPEN to more!

You see, the ‘more’ that you really yearn for exists in every moment.

The question is, how wide can you open to RECEIVE it?

So, the way to deepen a moment of intimacy is simple really. You open yourself wider to receive more deeply in the moment.

That’s the theory.

Now for the practice…

In order to open to receive more deeply in intimacy, you’ve got to find a way to relax through the tensions that would prevent you from opening, so you can let the moment in!

…Into your body.

…Into your heart.

…and into your soul.

That’s where souls satisfaction lives my love! Within you.


So if you want to experience greater depth in your sexual intimacy, then ask yourself this question:

 “What do I need to do (or not do) to open wider, to receive more?”

The wider you open your heart, your body, your soul…The deeper the moment can enter you, and indeed, the deeper your man can enter you with his deep loving presence…Body, heart and soul!

So here’s a practice I give to my women clients to deepen their experience of intimacy:

Let’s say you’re in a moment of sexual intimacy, and he touches your neck. Don’t let the touch be felt only on your skin…Let it in all the way! Let his touch melt you.

When he touches you, breathe really fully and feel yourself breathing in his touch, all the way into the depths of your body, heart and soul.

If he’s gazing into your eyes, relax and soften your eyes to really allow him to enter your soul with the depth of his loving gaze. So instead of looking ‘at’ him, which is an outward projection, relax your eyes, soften your gaze and fully ‘receive’ him.

Drink him in with your eyes, and at the same time allow the depth of your soul to be seen, known and loved through your eyes.

Try it now for a moment.

Wherever you are, right now, look straight ahead.

But instead of ‘looking’ at something, which is a focused action, an outward projection, just soften your gaze, relax your eyes and notice what happens.

It’s really quite magical because when you soften your gaze, or soften your skin, you become receptive.

And the more receptive you are, the deeper you let him in, and the deeper the sexual intimacy you experience.

So what about you? This is only one way to deepen intimacy. What have YOU done in the past to deepen your intimacy? Inspire us and share your wisdom, by leaving a comment below.

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