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ROAR! The Art of Speaking, Living and Loving Truthfully and WITHOUT Apology – with Robert Rabbin & Lisa Page -

ROAR! The Art of Speaking, Living and Loving Truthfully and WITHOUT Apology – with Robert Rabbin & Lisa Page

Free yourself from the tyranny of self-suppression (in and out of the bedroom) and shine your Light fearlessly. Liberate your innate wildness, radiance and Power so you truly be who you most deeply yearn to be in life, love and sex & intimacy. Stop hiding! And start living your love and giving your gifts in a way that is true to your heart, brings you totally, deliciously and powerfully alive and serves the world (because the world really f%$#ing needs you right now)

Spiritual Practice Lisa Page

Relationship: A HOT BED for Spiritual Practice

How to grow through pain and conflict in a way that emPowers you both and brings you closer to the Divine. How to NOT fall into the trap of ‘woo-woo-love-n-light’ spiritual delusions that keeps you trapped in dysfunctional relating. Harnessing the spiritual ecstasy of Sex and intimacy to Light up your whole life together.

Elizabeth Purvis Lisa Page

The Secret to Feminine Magic® – with Elizabeth Purvis & Lisa Page

Join me with my Soul Sister and colleague Elizabeth Purvis as we explore Feminine Magic® in a way you never have before. Together we bring a unique combination of wisdom and experience to help you harness your innate and true powers of magic as a feminine woman and Soul – Elizabeth in the realms of empowerment, prosperity and fulfilment, Lisa in the realms of Soul Satisfying love, sex and intimacy.


Sacred Shadow Work for the Feminine

In this show we explore:
The SECRET to shadow work that takes it from a cognitive process (just thinking about it) to an embodied reality (real-life and lasting transformation!). How to dissolve your fears liberate your Shakti – AKA Your Feminine SuperPowers! How to STOP repeating unconscious patterns that keep you stuck or sabotage what you most deeply desire to experience in your life, love, sex and intimacy.

Power Conscious Breathing Lisa Page

Breathe Baby Breathe! The Power of Conscious Breathing to Transform Your Experience of Life, Love, Sex & Intimacy

In this show you’ll discover: How to use your breath to deepen pleasure in lovemaking and life. How NOT to breathe when you’re stressed out or angry with your partner. Conscious breath practices to instantly calm stress and transform tiredness into vibrant sexual energy. Why how you breathe either sabotages or enhances your capacity to embody your feminine.
Typical breathing patterns that profoundly affect how you feel, what you think and whether you ‘react’ or respond to life.