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Intimacy with your edge and giving your gifts anyway.


There’s something about writing poetry that feels incredibly liberating to me. The kind of liberation that happens from the inside out.

Sharing it out loud on the other hand, with my voice, to other real human beings, now that, still kinda scares the shit out of me!

It’s where I get to be up close and personal, intimate, with my very own edge.

Writing poems is different.

That feels like a song that’s aching to be sung, is finally given full voice. Or a dance that’s pulsing in my veins that gets to tango with the world.

It feels good.

In fact, it feels like a little miracle each time the words of a poem actually make it from inside of me and somehow arrange themselves into a heart-body-Soul-word-song (AKA a poem).

Sometimes the words of a poem cascade down through my body like an unstoppable waterfall, or a wave crashing onto the shore. Impossible to ignore.

Other times they come like the wisp of a cloud, that is so barely there, they’ll disappear into the ether without a trace if I don’t ‘catch them’ the instant they arrive.

However they come, these words, these poems, they always require all of me.

My full presence.

Full heart.

Full body.

Full Soul.

They require me to get belly to belly with each and every word. To feel, trust and scribe them.

Perhaps that’s why these poems never really feel like they’re ‘mine’, because they come through me, rather than from me.

At the same time, I know that while they’re Sourced from this vast, mystery that’s way beyond anything I could ever de-scribe with my pen, they’re also shaped by my very personalised-real-raw-perfectly-flawed-Lisa-Page-humanness.

So, back to the edge…..

I’m sharing the fact that at the time I write this (November 2016), I still feel incredibly vulnerable about sharing my poetry – out loud – with my own voice…for you.

Perhaps by the time you read this, I’ll be ‘over it’. Perhaps I will have practised enough, that I feel Truly FREE. Or maybe I’ll still be practis-ING.

Either way, I share what is true with you right now because we can be such powerful reflections for each other.

Your edge is a place where your gifts and your fears collide!

I help women to give their gifts, at their edge, all the time.

Recently I was teaching a women’s practice in Denmark.

I was guiding them in the practice of expressing the feelings that are most uncomfortable for them as an invitation, rather than an accusation – to Life or their Lover.


Sounds simple, but as you might know, sometimes, when you open yourself up that fully, it feels like you’re literally ripping your own chest open, flesh, bones and all, and revealing your ever so tender beating heart.


That’s kind of how I feel, about sharing my poetry out loud with my own voice.

If you’ve watched the video I made with Andrew Harvey reading my poem ‘A Warning’, then you will have seen me doing this.

One day when I was watching that video back, I noticed how I was both at my most vulnerable, and strangely my most powerful too.

This is what it is to be ‘at your edge’.

It’s a cross roads of vulnerability and power.


So with that in mind, it’s with immense vulnerability and profound delight that I share that my poetry about love, sex, dark, light, longing, sacred and humanness, has been published in a new book by Andrew Harvey and Jay Ramsay called ‘Diamond Cutters – Visionary Poets in America, Britain and Oceania’.

The book contains five of my poems.

  • Dance of the Dark Goddess
  • I Don’t Know
  • Foolish Games
  • Petit Mort
  • Said She
  • Being published alongside poets such as Andrew Harvey, Rumi, Mirabai Starr, Robert Bly, Jay Ramsay and many other incredible poets from around the world, both living and passed, is an honour.

    And Truth be told, my Soul feels ecstatic to be expressed in this way!

    In the words of Seth Godin in his audio book ‘LEAP first, Making Work That Matters’

    “Here, I made this. I hope you like it.”

    (Well, I didn’t make it entirely…Andrew Harvey and Jay Ramsay put this book together obviously. I contributed my poems, and yes, I do hope you like it.)

    BTW. Now that my poetry is ‘out there’, I get to practice being at my edge over and over again, and give it anyway.

    What about you?

    What is your art? Your gift? Just waiting to be given? Share in the comments below. Let us all be a reflection for each other.

    The world needs you and your gifts. Don’t delay. Give them today.

    All my Love,



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