The Dark Goddess, Her Warning and Her Love – Lisa Page with Andrew Harvey

Her arrival was unexpected.

I knew of Her before that.




But I didn’t know Her. Not like I know Her now.

She came to me in dreams, and she came to me when I was wide awake.

She threw me into the fire of Divine chaos, and lovingly held my feet to the flames so that I could know Truth beyond reason.

She stripped away any sense of security I felt, so that I could know what real Surrender is.

She tore away what I loved, so that I could know what real Love is.

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She created the perfect scenario, where I felt completely powerless, so that I could know what real Power is.

In short, She loved me as fiercely as I needed to be loved, so that I could die to the lies I was telling myself, and be rebirthed into the Truth that lives and breathes me, you, and us all.

It’s by the Grace of Her Love that this poem was born.

Her fierce, tender, compassionate and unrelenting Love.

Andrew Harvey came into my life soon after by way of a series of beautiful and Divine synchronicities.


I was hosting two events for him in my hometown. We sat up late one evening on my balcony overlooking the ocean, and we talked late into the night about all things Divine.

Soon the conversation turned to Her.

The Dark One.

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Andrew knows Her intimately too. He has served many by breathing Her fire and speaking Her Truth, and he has consciously lived through her Loving decimation of his own illusions many a time, to be rebirthed into Her glorious Love.

And so, at around two o’clock in the morning, I spontaneously asked Andrew if he’d like to hear some of my poems about Her.

I’d only shared these poems with a few very close loved ones, so I must admit, I felt a little timid.

He said yes, and so I did.

Andrew’s response was not what I expected.

His eyes welled up with tears and he told me he loved them. He asked if he could share one poem at the workshop he was teaching the following day called ‘The Revolution of the Divine Feminine and the Way of Passionate Enlightenment.’

We recorded that event, and it’s with enormous humility and gratitude that I share this video of Andrew and I sharing the poem with the participants, along with Andrew’s words about my poem.

Her poem.

For She is the one who bestowed it, and I am Her grateful scribe.

May Her undying Love be awakened in us all.


A Warning

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With sickle in one hand
and his head in another,
She roars Her bloody war cry,
eyes ablaze
and blood dripping from Her mouth.

This is Her warning.

Live in Truth
or die in ignorance.

Live as Freedom
or die shackled to your illusions.

Live for Love
or die to the barrenness of a shrivelled heart.

Fear NOT the loss of that which comforts you.
Fear Me.

For I am the One
who will gouge your eyes out when you are blind to the Truth,
who will burn your feet when you do not walk your path,
who will slice your head off when you become the slave of a poisonous mind.

I am the only One
who will Love you
as fiercely as you must be Loved
to die to the lies you tell yourself
so you can be rebirthed
to the Truth that lives and breathes you.

By Lisa Page  – copyright April 2014
Lisa Page Speaker Mentor Author Poet

Andrew Harvey

Best selling author of Radical Passion, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

“This prayer is everything (about the Dark Goddess) in twenty lines, written by an extraordinary person who really knows these truths and has lived them. Lisa, bless you. Thank you for this fantastic poem.”

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      May She always bless you and yours as you journey through such times. 🙂


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