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3 Sexual Intimacy Lisa Page

Quickest Way to Deepen a Moment of Sexual Intimacy

Have you ever been in a moment of sexual loving and thought to yourself “Is this it?” One of my clients from New Zealand said to me recently: “How do I deepen my experience of sexual intimacy. My husband is a good man, and our sex is great, but I want more! I know there’s more, and I want it! I want that depth!”

Get Your Wild Crazy Teary Giggle On Sister! by Lisa Page

Get Your Wild, Crazy, Teary Giggle On Sister!

“Laughter is good for the soul!” …We’ve heard it before right? Without a doubt, laughter has a stack of benefits. Studies have shown that laughter boosts your immune system, your mood (doohh!) and your libido (Yeah!!). It also relieves pain, relaxes tension, enhances healing, and it lifts your spirits. AKA…Laughter makes you feel good!

experience relationship

The Happy Ever After Hoax:The Lies that Keep you Feeling Unloved, Unworthy & Unfulfilled. A Conscious Woman’s Way to Love, Passion & Fulfillment that Really Lasts (Whether You’re In or Out of Relationship)!

(Super-Long title I know..but what can I say? I sometimes I have trouble spitting it out in 3 words or less!) If you want to create lasting love, soulful passion and deep connection in your relationship, it’s essential to explore and understand what patterns you might be running (unconsciously) that are sabotaging your chances.

8 Emotional Baggage Lisa Page

Lose the Baggage & Free Yourself Emotionally!

If you’ve got some ‘old emotional baggage’ that you’re sick of, and you’re ready to let it go, then this is for you! This was inspired by a coaching session I did with a wonderful woman from Europe the other day. I have to say, I was pretty impressed by this lady because she got up at 2am (her time) for her coaching session with me!!! ….How’s that for dedication!?

Feeling Unfulfilled Lisa Page

The ‘Unlikely’ Secret to Fulfillment!

0 shares Share0 Tweet0 Let’s face it, feeling unfulfilled sucks! It brings you down and drains the life out of your relationship. So what to do? Well, as unlikely as it might sound, feeling unfulfilled’ often comes NOT from not ‘GETTING’ what you want, rather from not GIVING your all! Think about it. Let’s say […]

6 Shine Your Light Oprah

Advice from Oprah & Lisa on How to SHINE!

“Let your light shine. Shine within you so that it can shine on someone else. Let your light shine.” Oprah
When you look in the mirror what do you see? Wrinkles, pimples, or perceived imperfections? Or do you see the light that shines in your eyes?


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