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How to Access the Wisdom of Your Feminine Cycle

Do you ever blame how you feel on ‘that time of the month’?

In this article  you’ll discover:

  • The truth about how you feel at ‘that time of the month’.
  • The best thing to do when you feel angry/sad/exhausted etc.
  • A quick & easy way to access the wisdom of your feminine cycle.

You know, I coach women from all around the world, and so often I hear them say…

“Oh, it must be that time of the month because I’m so cranky/tired/moody/sad/blubbering-mess (you fill in the blank).”

But is it really fair to blame our hormones?

And more importantly …Is it wise?

What if, how you feel at ‘that time of the month’, is not just your hormones, but a direct line to your inner guidance which is intensifying how you feel to get your attention?

…To show you the way to live your best life?

…Or to reveal to you, what you need to let go of, or empower, to create the relationship you’ve always wanted?

Here’s the thing…

The feelings that tend to come up pre-menstrually for most women, are NORMALLY the feelings that you’ve suppressed during the rest of the month.

And the feelings you tend to suppress, are the feelings you don’t like.

Or the feelings you won’t acknowledge, or the ones you think you just don’t have time for.

Or the feelings you were taught are bad, ugly, rude, selfish, weak….and so on.

What if, instead of blaming your hormones, you could use ‘that time of the month’ as a way to gain DIRECT ACCESS to your inner guidance.

To uncover how you’re really feel about your life, your work, your relationship, or yourself.

To become lovingly aware of the tiredness you’ve been ignoring and pushing through, or the anger you’ve been swallowing, or the grief you’ve been afraid to feel in case it should completely overtake you.

The feelings that come up for you ‘at that time of the month’ contain great wisdom.

Give them space.

When you pay attention to that wisdom, and you begin to act on that wisdom, magic happens!

Woman _ Lisa

Not woo woo magic…But self-made magic!

The magic that comes from self awareness, self-exploration, self-responsibility and self empowerment.

You also free yourself of the layers of tension you’ve accumulated from trying to keep those feelings under wraps in the first place!

Free from that tension, you’re much more free to really feel the joy of the moment, the ecstasy of your sexual intimacy, the pleasure of life!

This relaxation into how you really feel, also paves the way for more authentic expression of how you feel. 

So that when you feel angry or sad, or vulnerable, you can express it in a way that inspires and opens the other person, rather than pushing them away.

So for example, if your man is out of integrity, or you see something unjust, you are much more able to express your anger or your concern clearly, cleanly, with an open heart, in way that inspires loving action rather than conflict.

So I invite you today, to become loving aware of how you tend to feel at ‘that time of the month’.

Have you noticed that the same feelings come up every month?

What’s the wisdom beneath those feelings?

Explore it all.

For example, if you find yourself always feeling tired, maybe you need more rest, more time to nurture and nourish yourself.

Maybe you’ve got too many plates spinning and you need to ditch, delegate or do something so you can relax more in your life.

Perhaps if sadness always comes up for you, maybe there’s sadness or grief that you just haven’t given yourself permission to fully feel, express and release yet.

When you give yourself permission to take time out and feel how you’re feeling fully, with a relaxed body and an open heart, you will finally know the wisdom beneath it.

So take note:

How do YOU feel at ‘that time of the month’?

What’s your feminine wisdom trying to tell you?

Give yourself permission to stop, listen and act on this precious wisdom.

It’s guiding you to live your best life, to love who you are, and to create an ever new relationship with yourself and your intimate partner.

Now it’s time to share your comments and stories below. When have you listened to the wisdom of your feminine cycle and what happened when you did?

I’d love to hear your story and what you’ve done to really tap into that deep feminine wisdom that comes from the womb of who you are as a woman.

(And remember, the womb of who you are as a woman exists whether you have a physical womb or not!)

Much love,


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