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Breakthrough Session


Dear Beautiful Woman,

Congratulations for listening to your heart and applying for Coaching.

Thank you for completing this form.

I’ve specifically designed the flow of self-questions to help you really get in touch with a deeper clarity about where you’re at, what you want to change, and why it’s so important to you.

It also helps me to know how I can best serve you in your Breakthrough Session.

Once I receive your form, I’ll read it and reply within 24 hours to let you know if I think we’re a good fit, and send you a link to book your Breakthrough session.

The reason I offer a Breakthrough Session is because it’s the best way to find out where you’re at, what you most want to explore, let go of, empower, and embody. And for both of us to know for sure that we’re a good fit!

It also gives you the opportunity to get a feel for what it’s like to work with me, to get all your questions answered personally so you know which package will suit you best (there are a couple of different options depending on your budget).

If I feel there is a resource that would serve you better than working with me, then I will gladly share that with you. This session is about YOU, and your next best step to create the life, love and intimacy you most deeply desire.

And this allows you to make a fully informed and empowered decision. 🙂

Most women walk out of that session, already with some pretty serious Breakthrough’s which I love too!

So go ahead….

Take a moment to complete this form now.

Don’t THINK the answers though.

..Feel them in your belly.

Trust what comes to you.

There’s no wrong or right, only what’s real and true for you.

IMPORTANT: What you share is completely confidential and comes directly to me.

So rest assured you can feel free to be completely open and honest.

I promise, in my 12+ years of working with women and couples, there’s not much I haven’t heard so know that I will hold everything you share in the utmost confidence, respect and love.

Thank you for your openness and trust. I really look forward to receiving your application.

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How did you hear about us?

1. What is MOST important to you in your life, love or intimacy right now? (You can work this out by looking at where you spend most of your time, energy, resources.)

2. Are you single or in relationship?

3. If you’re in a relationship: Please describe your relationship as it is right now, including how long you’ve been together, if you have children and anything else you feel is relevant.

4. If you’re single: Please describe how long you’ve been single, why your last relationship broke up and how you feel about being single.

5. If you’re accepted into a coaching program, what is your desired intention, expectation and outcome?

6. What’s your greatest challenge/problem/frustration in your life, love or intimacy right now that you want to overcome through working with me?

7. What is the cost of NOT overcoming those challenges? Please be specific and focus on what matters to you (i.e. Relationship, personal fulfilment, living your purpose, homelife etc.)

8. If you could wave a magic wand, how would you like things to be instead?

9. What do you think or feel is holding you back from making a change?

10. Who or what do you think is responsible for your current situation?

11. Are you willing to be real with what is and do the work that is necessary to get both instant results and long-term change?

12. If we think we’re a good fit in the Breakthrough Session, are you able to joyfully commit to the investment of time and money to get the result you want? (We’ll explore what package would suit you best in the Breakthrough Session and it’ll pull you forward while being within your reach.)

13. Why is it so important to be accepted into a coaching program and make this change/these changes? (10+ reasons and ways it will change your life.)

Congratulations on taking this powerful step towards creating the life, love and intimacy you really want. I really look forward to taking this journey to real love and profound feminine empowerment with you!