The Wild Love Mysterium

27 June 2019 | Adelaide

Join Lisa Page for this intimate women’s workshop ~ An ecstatic evening of feminine embodiment practice to nourish your feminine Soul and reconnect with the wild love you are at essence.

The topics and feminine practices that you’ll explore include:

  • Fierce Boundaries, Ecstatic Surrender  ::  Re-claiming your birthright to embody the deep, delicious ‘Yes!’ of ecstatic surrender, and the fierce, empowered ‘No!’ that is your discerning clarity.
  • Breath Bliss Undulation  ::  Awakening the subtle flow of Shakti through breath and body whilst deepening the profound pleasure of feeling fully alive.
  • Body as a Temple of Love  : Sacred ritual to honour your feminine form as embodied Love, and feminine spiritual practice to magnify your inner radiance, wisdom, and power.
  • The Allowing Dance  : Wild, free feminine movement to deepen your capacity for fearless and full expression of who you are and how you feel as an irresistible invitation to life and your lover.
There will also be a Q&A session with Lisa.


"The Workshop with Lisa workshop made me feel vital! It was enlivening, nourishing and nurturing…. Did I say freeing? It was so freeing emotionally!

It helped me to be more expanded and open, to trust myself more, and to really listen when I get an intuitive hit and nudge.

Even though it was only a 2.5 hour workshop, I arranged a babysitter and flew from Melbourne to Adelaide…and it was TOTALLY worth flying interstate for! What a gift also to be a part of an incredible community of women… Ahhhhh!!!

I’d recommend it to any other women who really want to live from a place of embodied power and subtle flow. To feel nourished, nurtured awakened, accepted, understood and most of all loved for exactly who you are."

Shaylin Green, Melbourne ,

"I admire and value Lisa’s journey and teachings and I find her a valuable source of integrity within this field. I also felt very supported by the work we did together and it helped me to deepen trust in my own Sacred Knowing and Intuition."

Rebecca Cook, Adelaide ,

"I loved the Workshop on Sunday. Lisa’s guidance in the different feminine practices and sharing her own journey and challenges created a wonderful atmosphere of both trust and deep nurturing. It was also beautiful to share the experience with a group of heart and soul centred women. It was so good I’ve already booked in for the next workshop!"

Kiri Devi, Adelaide ,

“I love your work and what you are serving up to us Lisa, its hot fresh and delicious!”

Emily Dawson, London ,

About Lisa

Lisa Page is an international teacher, published author and poet who has been passionately exploring the deeper truths of life, love and intimacy for more than twenty years. For the last 18+ years she’s shared what she’s discovered along the way through her mentoring, workshops and writing. Lisa has taught live workshops and trainings in Australia, Asia, NZ, USA, UK and Europe.

As a sacred intimacy teacher, Lisa has been profoundly influenced by her study and work with world renowned teacher and best-selling author, David Deida. Since 2008 Lisa has immersed herself in 17+ trainings with Deida as a way to deepen her own spiritual-sexual practice and to support others to do the same, first as a participant, then as an assistant, as lead female assistant, and then teaching Ocean & Fire | A Workshop for Women where Deida was a guest-teacher.

The somatic and psychological aspect of Lisa’s work is built on the foundation of her 4 year diploma as a Dru yoga teacher, with an emphasis on de-traumatisation. She also has a Masters in Neurological Re-patterning, Ericksonian hypnosis and performance coaching and has completed additional psychology training with  Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, world renowned Jungian Analyst & Best Selling Author of ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’. Lisa has also completed training in the energetics of the spiritual-sexual body with Master Mantak Chia, the author of ‘The Multi Orgasmic Woman/Man/Couple’.

Lisa’s poetry was published in 2016 in ‘Diamond Cutters - Visionary Poets in America, Britain and Oceania’, edited and introduced by world-renowned mystic, and best selling author, Andrew Harvey and Jay Ramsay. She is also a contributing author in ‘Picture Them Naked - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Presenting and Public Speaking and Were Afraid to Ask’ published in 2014 where she shares her knowledge for aspiring speakers.

Lisa is devoted to the embodiment of Love as a dynamic art and sacred sexual practice and is leading the way as the creator of EmbodySHE™, her transformational women’s work grounded in feminine embodiment practices, powerful breath-work, original-wild-free-movement, artistic offering and sacred ritual.