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‘Diamond Cutters – Visionary Poets in America, Britain and Oceania’

In 2016 Lisa’s poetry was published in ‘Diamond Cutters – Visionary Poets in America, Britain and Oceania’, edited and introduced by world renowned mystic, and best selling author, Andrew Harvey and Jay Ramsay. In this book Lisa’s work is featured alongside poets and authors such as Mirabai Starr, Robert Bly, and others.

‘Picture Them Naked – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Presenting and Public Speaking and Were Afraid to Ask’

IIn 2014 Lisa was invited to be a contributing author in ‘Picture Them Naked – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Presenting and Public Speaking and Were Afraid to Ask’. In this book Lisa shares some powerful tips she’s picked up along the way as an event manager and international speaker, for new speakers aspiring to inspire their audiences in powerful and meaningful ways.

Life, Love & Intimacy’ Homestudy Program

A comprehensive 7-module Program with five audio trainings, E-workbooks and Self-Coaching enquiry with essential tools, insights and feminine practices to create the depth of connection, passion and fulfillment you most deeply desire in life, love and intimacy.

Breathe Baby Breathe’ Program

Your pocket guide to feeling beautiful, sexy and energized every day! This program contains audio recordings, an E-Workbook and guided breath practices that you can use anywhere, to instantly calm stress, transform tiredness into vibrant sexual energy, and re-activate your feminine irresistibility

Sacred Shadow Work for the Feminine

The SECRET to shadow work that takes it from a cognitive process (just thinking about it) to an embodied reality (real-life and lasting transformation!).  There are many different ways but if you do this, wow, you’re on a very potent path for revealing and embodying and living all of who you are.

Deeper Shades of Love, Sex & Intimacy

It’s about relaxing more and more into the parts of yourself that you need to, in order to experience the depth that you truly desire. Yes you will have feminine practices and practical tasks to complete, but let each of these deepen your relaxation into the fullness of yourself, rather than trying to be anything you’re not.

Feminine Embodiment Meditations

Feminine Embodiment Secrets for the Modern Woman: How to Create Wild Success, Deeper Loving and Lasting Fulfillment.