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Dark Times

Dancing in the Dark: Transforming ‘Dark Times’ into Soul Awakenings and Embodied Empowerment

How to use dark times as a doorway to deep insight and the most profound emPOWERment you’ll ever experienced. The secret to surrender and learning to love the unknown. How to let go and free yourself of the past – people, places, relationships, experiences, feelings….Everything that holds you back from BE-ing here fully now. Transform ‘why me?’ and ‘why this?’ into deep self-trust. Simple steps to stay open when all you feel like doing is closing your heart and shutting out Life. Using pain as a doorway to your Truth.


What Wise Women Know – Secrets to Feel Deliciously Sexy, Profoundly Empowered and Truly Alive! with Sabrina Chaw & Lisa Page

How to ditch the curse of comparison and LOVE being the unique expression of the Divine Feminine that you are here to be. Learn wise women secrets for women over 50 from Sabrina, and women under 50 from Lisa so you can step fully in your power, sensuality and wisdom. Powerful energy and vitality practices to feel nourished, sexy and connected to Love every day.


PLEASURE – Your Power Portal to Wild Success, Deep Fulfilment and Ecstatic Sex & Intimacy

Power pleasure practices to instantly dissolve stress, awaken sexual energy and deepen your presence to the here and now. How pleasure profoundly impacts your capacity to create the success, well-being and relationship you most deeply desire. The secrets that the ancient Tantrikas, Dakinis, and Priestesses knew about pleasure, and how to bring their ancient wisdom into the sacredness of your sex, intimacy and every day living. Why pleasure can be a portal to the Divine and your spiritual unfolding and fulfilment.


Tears, Fears and Freedom

Using your fears as a pathway to inner freedom. Loving and feeling good about yourself no matter how you feel. How to access the wisdom beneath your most intense or unwanted feelings.


TRUTH TELLING: How to Express How You REALLY Feel Without Pushing Him Away

The essential phrase I always teach my women clients and couples for easy communication. Ways to express exactly how you feel without pushing him away or causing him to react or shut down. The hidden dangers to you and your relationship when you hold back how you really feel. How to speak to your partner so he really ‘hears’ you, ‘gets’ you and loves and wants you even more!