The Fearless Woman with Magnetic Confidence – Jules Wyman

The Fearless Woman: A conversation about magnetic confidence in and out of the bedroom – with Jules Wyman & Lisa Page

  • The secret to letting go of the fears and insecurities that prevent you from speaking and living your              (ever-changing) Truth.
  • How to create boundaries that deepen trust between you and the ones you love.
  • Cultivating genuine and lasting confidence that allows you to live and love in the ways you most                       deeply desire.
  • Power practices to let go of comparison and trust yourself once and for all.
  • Lisa Page Speaker

    Lisa Page

    Lisa Page Speaker

    Jules Wyman

    In this Show, I share in a conversation with my dear friend, soul sister and esteemed colleague, Jules Wyman.

    Jules is a Confidence Coach and International Speaker with nearly a decade’s experience working with clients from around the world, helping them to transform their confidence, esteem and worthiness.

    It was at a time of significant change and difficulty in her own life, a number of years ago, that Jules ventured on a quest for personal clarity, direction and to understand what genuine confidence really was.

    Her discoveries, have lead her to become one of the UK’s leading experts on authentic confidence, appearing on BBC Radio and BBC Breakfast television and being voted Britain’s Next Top Female Coach.

    She’s the author of the 5 star reviewed book ‘If WE can YOU can’, and the creator of The TRUST System, a powerful online coaching programme that helps clients to understand and embody real and lasting confidence. You can find out more about Jules and her work at

    We’re excited to share how to cultivate genuine and lasting confidence as a woman in today's world, in and out of the bedroom.

    This call will include powerful and practical teachings, and an opportunity to get your questions answered live and in person with both of us.


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