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4 Love Note Lisa Page

BE the Love You Are

I wondered what I could get for you for Valentines’ Day. I wanted to give you something special. Something that would make you realize how loved you are, whether you’re in a relationship or not.

10 Women’s Anger – The TRUTH Revealed! by Lisa Page

Women’s Anger – The TRUTH Revealed!

In this video we get real about the source of anger for most women in relationship. I also share with you a way to explore the power and wisdom that is often hidden underneath your anger, so that you can transform destructive anger into an authentic expression of how you truly feel, in a way that brings you closer together, rather than pushing your man away.

4 When Will You Give Yourself Permission? by Lisa Page

When Will You Give Yourself Permission?

The other day one of my clients said to me, “Lisa, I’m sooo tired! I just want a holiday to Thailand or something”. But a holiday just wasn’t possible for her at that time. So I said to her “What would a holiday to Thailand would give you? What would it allow you to do, or feel?”

4 Why Men Pull Away by Lisa Page

What to Do When Men Pull Away

Today I’m answering a question from Vanessa in the USA, who wants to know how to handle it when her man pulls away. In response I share: Why MOST men pull away – So you can feel good about him taking time out, instead of feeling confused or hurt. How to handle it when you feel hurt if he disappears unexpectedly. (physically, or emotionally). What you can do to inspire him to take the time he needs, in a way that works for both of you.

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