More than just a free 90 min Q&A Call. This is an opportunity to explore the ecstatic art of feminine embodiment, sacred sex and intimacy, and ways to live and love fearlessly. Lisa will answer your deep-hearted questions and guide you in feminine practice so you can live the answers that you receive, in your everyday life.
You'll discover teachings and feminine practices to:
  • Explore the ecstatic art of feminine embodiment.
  • Evoke deeper presence and integrity from the masculine.
  • Hold fierce boundaries and still soften into love’s blissful surrender.
  • Trust beyond past hurt, so you can live and love fearlessly.
  • Claim your power with open-hearted vulnerability.
  • Offer the gifts of your feminine heart as sacred sexual artistry.
  • Create irresistible erotic attraction with the one you love.
  • Awaken and embody the innate wisdom of your feminine heart.

To accommodate various time-zones, there are two Q&A Calls on this day. You are welcome to join both.
Call 1: Australia, USA
Wed 24th June, 5pm Los Angeles (PDT), Thurs 25th June, 10am Sydney (AEST)
Call 2:  Australia, London, Europe
Thurs 25th June, 2020 - 5pm Sydney (AEST), 8am London (BST)
For questions, please  contact us.
I loved most about Ocean Fire was the fearless leadership of Nina and Lisa.

Lisa embodies the quality of Union like no woman I've ever met. You can feel the depth and breadth of her personal practice in her walk and her talk. What a gift to behold such an accomplished woman in the feminine arts. I gained so much from her personal shares, and her pristine presence.


The Ocean Fire workshop broke me open on many levels. I felt my vulnerability, but also strength coming back alive.

I felt my vulnerability, but also strength coming back alive. I think this type of sacred feminine gathering alongside fellow female seekers is essential in our feminine evolution.


 The Ocean Fire practices helped me unearth a much deeper, more real me.

Lovely Lisa ~ thank you for your beautiful grounded energy that held us all so wonderfully all and for the wisdom you so deeply embody. I loved hearing about your own personal work with your partner, Mo, it sincerely helps to hear about the real times from a long-term couple perspective.


Your Teacher

Lisa Page is an international teacher, author and women’s mentor who has explored the deeper truths of spirituality and sexuality for over twenty years. She has taught live workshops in Australia, USA, Asia, NZ, UK and Europe. Lisa is a published poet in    Diamond Cutters – Visionary Poets in America, Britain and Oceania, and the co-author of Picture Them Naked. As a sacred intimacy teacher Lisa has been profoundly influenced by her work with David Deida over the last twelve years, while the somatic and psychological aspect of her work comes from a four year diploma in Dru Yoga therapy, Masters in Neurological Re-patterning, hypnosis, performance coaching and additional psychology training with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Lisa is devoted to the embodiment of Love and is committed to living what she teaches in her life and intimate relationship of twelve years.   
Call 1:  Australia, USA 
Wed 24th June, 5pm Los Angeles (PDT), Thurs 25th June, 10am Sydney (AEST)
Call 2:  Australia, London, Europe 
Thurs 25th June, 2020 - 5pm Sydney (AEST), 8am London (BST)

A Note From Lisa:

Much of what I have learned about sacred sex and intimacy has come from my study and work with world renowned spiritual teacher and best selling author, David Deida. What I share in this webinar will be no exception. I am profoundly grateful for the impact David has had on my life, my relationship, and on the work I do with women and couples from around the world. I highly recommend David’s books and audio for further learning, including the audio album I created with David called Love, Devotion, and Flowery Combat.

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