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EmbodySHE is a sanctuary for women, a sisterhood,

and a path of embodied Love and ecstatic intimacy.

Lovely Lisa ~ thank you for your beautiful grounded energy that held us all so wonderfully all and for the wisdom you so deeply embody. I loved hearing about your own personal work with your partner, Mo, it sincerely helps to hear about the real times from a long-term couple perspective.

Cree Cornejo

I felt my vulnerability, but also strength coming back alive. I think this type of sacred feminine gathering alongside fellow female seekers is essential in our feminine evolution.

Jasmine Zhou

Lisa embodies the quality of Union like no woman I've ever met. You can feel the depth and breadth of her personal practice in her walk and her talk. What a gift to behold such an accomplished woman in the feminine arts. I gained so much from her personal shares, and her pristine presence.

Karen Prosen

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