Dear Lover: A 6-Week Self-Study Program for Women 

with David Deida

Co-led by Lisa Page & Nina Lombardo

An Embodiment Journey into Love's Deepest Bliss

This is David's only online self-study program for women, and it's designed to bring you his most profound teachings on spiritual and sexual devotion as a path to ecstatic intimate communion with yourself, your lover, and the divine.

Inside the program you’ll discover how to:

  • Free your body and heart from the emotional armor that prevents you from giving and receiving the depth of love you desire
  • Trust your feeling sensitivity and innate feminine wisdom
  • Reveal the vulnerability and radiance of your true heart so you can be met fully and loved deeply by your partner
  • Awaken channels of subtle sexual energy while keeping your heart sourced in fullness
  • Transform past hurt, old wounds, and self-sabotaging patterns into revelations of profound love and trust
  • Feel deeply, express fully, and artistically offer your deepest gifts, in life and intimacy



EmbodyShe an invitation for you to liberate and embody the juice and truth of who you are as a unique woman. Inside you'll explore teachings and feminine practice as a way to bring your deepest gifts to your life, work, family, and relationships, without sacrificing your deep longing for ecstatic surrender in intimate communion with your beloved or the divine.

EmbodyShe is a SANCTUARY
for women on the path of

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