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Are you holding back the ONE THING that would give you the relationship you really want?

I hope you’re OK with me baring my soul to you…not for my own indulgence but with a sincere hope that it will touch you in some way and if nothing else, help you gain the clarity about what’s REALLY important to you in your life. I believe love is about taking risks, so, I’m taking a risk here.

I went to a funeral yesterday.


It was the funeral of a truly beautiful woman. Although I hadn’t seen her for many years, she had a special place in my heart. When I heard she had passed away the first image that came to me was of this radiant feminine woman, with a soft, kind face and sparkling eyes. She was such a loving woman….and her love had deeply affected many people throughout her life, including me. This was obvious by the number of people celebrating her life at the funeral.

Isn’t it amazing how funerals tend to wake us up!?


Perhaps as we feel our mortality and the impermanence of this body of ours, it tends to take us a little closer to the Truth of who we really are and what’s most important to us.

That’s why I’m writing this to you today. Because the work I do with women is not just a business to me. It’s so much more than that.

It’s about women just like you! It’s my passion, my purpose, it’s my way to serve women all around the world in the best way I can.

When I read the emails that I get from my ‘Soul Satisfaction For Women’ clients, frankly, they make me cry tears of gratitude when I see the profound effect our work together has had on their life and their relationship. (And any of you who have already done ‘Soul Satisfaction Group Coaching For Women’ or 1:1 coaching with me know… we go deep!)

I don’t know about you, but when MY moment comes I WANT TO BREATHE IN PEACE AND KNOW THAT I HAVE opened as wide as I can to LIVE AND LOVE FULLY in my life.

So every day I go within and ask myself ‘What’s holding me back from giving my love fully? ..from expressing myself fully? …from living my truth fully? ..from living as the successful, smart woman I am at the same time as the sexy, sensual, loving woman I am?

So what’s been holding YOU back?

  • Fear of being vulnerable?
  • Resentment from past hurts?
  • Fear of humiliation? ..getting wrong? ..looking silly?
  • Doubting yourself or your man?
  • Fear of being out of control if you show how you REALLY feel?
  • Don’t know HOW to let go of the masculine part of you that is great at getting sh!t done but kills passion in a second without you realising it!?

We’re all different women in unique circumstances, but at the end of the day. we all have very similar challenges and pain just wrapped in a different story.

What are you NOT experiencing FULLY in your life because you’re holding back?

  • Lasting love and true passion in intimacy?
  • Deep fulfilment in your life despite outward success?
  • A deeper connection in your relationships?
  • How it feels to give the fullness of the sensual, sexual, desirable woman you are?

Now is the time to really ask the questions that are tugging at your heart…and in some cases tearing at your heart.

So go ahead and make a comment below or ask your question.

As successful busy women we rarely create the time to explore the love, intimacy, relationships, men and fulfilment that we really want. So take a chance and engage here now. Your comment, your questions could be just what the next women wanted to ask, but didn’t have the courage to.

With deep sincerity,

PS This is about YOU, as a woman on this earth, living your life as an AUTHENTICALLY powerful, Divinely inspired, beautifully feminine, deeply fulfilled woman, true to the core of who you are. May you truly shine!

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