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5 Relaxation Resources For Women

We had such a fabulous time at our Relaxation Retreat for Women on Sunday that I forgot to take photos! (So have posted one here of the view from our balcony)

My beautiful home here on the beachfront was transformed into a gorgeous and intimate retreat space (Thanks to the help of my 2 main men, ‘Soul Man’ and ‘Soul Son’!)

As women together we breathed a little deeper, we walked on the beach receiving fully through thesenses (‘twas a bit windy!), we relaxed open and re-remembered the LOVE we are at our core.

We had such a good time I wanted to share some of the love with YOU!

So here are my top 5 Women Relaxation Resources, so you can enjoy benefits too!

  1. Create some space..ANY space for yourself on a regular basis to relax and nurture yourself.
  2. Introspect and journal to discover what has been stressing you/tiring you lately.. and WHY it’s so important to make a change (What it’s costing you)
  3. Heart-storm what relaxes you, energizes you and brings you pleasure – Use this list as your emergency kit if you do get stressed (because often women go into overdrive when stressed rather than taking time out)
  4. Be real about what you can and can’t get done in a day
  5. Learn to create and sustain healthy boundaries so you don’t end up feeling exhausted and resentful! (You deserve better than that and so do those you love!)

Email me if you need any help with YOUR stress levels, boundaries or how to let go of the ways you might be creating unnecessary stress for yourself. A quick laser session would do the trick!

Meantime keep breathing, keep loving and keep shining!

Much love,

PS We also did some of the techniques from the Breathe Baby Breathe Master Class if you want to download your copy now…and deep relaxation which you can download here!

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