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7 No Nagging

No More Nagging!

“How do I get him to get off his @r$$? (Without feeling like a nag or pushing him away!)” This was a question asked by one of the ladies at my recent ‘Soul Satisfaction For Women’ Live Workshop in Ireland. In fact, this is a question I’m often asked by women, and these fabulous, good humored Irish ladies were no exception! Hence the colorful language and the adding of ‘r’ to @$$!

Birthday Sunset Lisa Page

What do YOU need to let go of to take your love, passion & fulfilment to the next level?

I just had to share this amazing sunset with you! This is the view from my home here in Australia and it was my Birthday the other day and as I came to the end of what was an amazing day, this is the gift I received. Not only an beautiful explosion of rich colour which took my breath away but it also made me feel so incredibly grateful to be alive! (I can’t believe that I get to experience these rich sunsets at the end of EVERY day! …You should see the sunrise over the hills from the other side of the house!)

1 Exquisite Pleasure Lisa Page

The Key to Inner Calm, Vibrant Energy, Exquisite Pleasure and So Much More!

Often, my clients are often amazed at how powerful a simple breathing technique can be to totally change their state…from stressed to calm, from scattered to focused, from painfully needy to lovingly open, from numb to exquisite pleasure! Having been a yoga practitioner for more than 12 years now I can honestly say that the more I explore the breath, the more I am in awe its power, and just how easy it is to take for granted!

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