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Real Self-Esteem

How to Create ‘Real’ Self-Esteem & Deeper Intuition

Here’s a quick 3 minute audio snippet from a Class in the ‘Life, Love & Intimacy’ Homestudy Program. The topic is ‘The Art of Deeper Loving’ and amongst other things, we are exploring the essential stages of self-growth in relationship that you must move through to create the love you want in your relationship.

1 Deepen Connection Lisa Page

Ditch the ‘Story’ & Come Back to the ‘Now’

Being ‘In the Moment’ to Deepen Connection in Your Relationship.

It’s so easy to get caught up in trivial arguments, annoyances and agitation in relationship. And yet if you were told you were going to die, and this was your last hour together…Surely so much of that would fall away into insignificance.

6 Spark Back relationship Lisa Page

Why a ‘Date Night’ Could Actually Make things Worse …When all You Want to Do Is ‘Get the Spark Back’ in Your Relationship!

Have you ever wanted to ‘get the spark back’ in your intimate relationship? If you’re like most women, then you’ve probably been in a relationship (or maybe you’re in one right now) and you’ve found that the passion you once had, has decreased, or even disappeared all together! Often, we’re told by ‘Relationship Experts’ that to ‘spice things up’ we need to…

8 Grateful Lisa Page

Gratitude, Lessons & Intentions

It’s my Birthday today and I wanted to share some of my journal writings from today, in the hope that it will inspire you to live the best year of YOUR life. Last year I shared with you the sunset that appeared on my Birthday which seems perfect in retrospect because that year had been all about LETTING GO – Death of loved ones, moving countries…lots and lots of change.

Women Relaxation Resources Lisa Page

5 Relaxation Resources For Women

We had such a fabulous time at our Relaxation Retreat for Women on Sunday that I forgot to take photos! (So have posted one here of the view from our balcony) My beautiful home here on the beachfront was transformed into a gorgeous and intimate retreat space (Thanks to the help of my 2 main men, ‘Soul Man’ and ‘Soul Son’!)


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